Author: avtopromet

Feb - 27

The airmen are setting up the modular hospital

In infant Charon Shemekia Copeland, he saw a future in the blues and, perhaps, the future of the blues. By the time she was 3, she was mimicking his singing, says her mother, with Shemekia standing behind the couch…

Feb - 13

‘ It may come and it may never come

Neighbors said they have complained about the new very dark sand it’s fenced off so we can’t get up to it but it’s very dark, Naomi Denslow, of Madison, said. It’s sand, it may be just sort of sludge.…

Jan - 18

Think of your hair as a ribbon

Most speed skating races are held on an oval course, but there are exceptions. Oval sizes vary; in short track speed skating, the rink must be an oval of 111.12 metres, while long track speed skating uses a similarly…

Jan - 09

If she ever took the ring off her finger

Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke is contemplating how to finish a third round of so called quantitative easing that has swelled the central bank balance sheet toward $4 trillion.Bullion demand fell 21 percent to 868.5 tons in the third quarter,…