Author: avtopromet

Nov - 30

Kids carefully mixed wheat germ

The rain forest exhibit was a frantic bee hive of activity all morning, as biotechnology outreach expert Tom Zinnen showed kids how to extract DNA from a plant. Kids carefully mixed wheat germ, water and green tinted rubbing alcohol until…

Oct - 16

“I thought if I ate them at just one meal a day

Saltz’s message was not entirely unexpected. He has been warning about the danger of rising drug prices, to patients and to the health care system in general, for the last decade. Having made this point to his colleagues, Saltz…

Oct - 11

At Crissy Field in San Francisco

Diamond Sona The diamonds here are special because they are the outcome of several years of research. It involves the use of Ion Jet beam that is used to implant crystals of natural diamond into a oppositely charged crystalline core.…